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Indie Book Spotlight: Hell Hath No Fury, by Naomi Valkyrie

Sheridan Dion

I followed my friend, Delilah, to Juniper Lake and ended up staying.

It’s not the kind of place you’d expect a hedonism demon to choose, but there’s a certain human deputy that’s caught my eye and snared my heart. When my world bleeds into hers, my instinct is to protect her – but I might also be the reason she’s in danger. It figures. I finally find someone to give my heart to, but chances are I’ll just end up breaking hers – or get her killed.



A discontented noise leaves me when she pulls away. My eyes open just in time to see her lift her hand and blow across it, causing fine particles to fly into my face and up my nose on my next inhalation.

Coughing, I shove her away. “What the hell?” Three sneezes distract me and she takes advantage of it.

I’m rapidly losing control of my body because of whatever crap she dosed me with, so I can barely fight back when she shoves me under the water.

Since we’re not wearing clothes, there’s nothing for me to grab onto for leverage. Finally, I wrestle an arm free and reach up to grab her hair. Even though my arm feels like lead, I will myself to get a hold of her. I refuse to die naked in a bathtub at the hands of a human.

It’s a struggle, but I get a hold of the knot her hair is pinned back in, resisting the urge to yank my hand away when something sharp bites into it. Although I’m pretty sure I’m bleeding, I grab a hold of the object that cut me, yanking it from her hair. Not caring that I’m injuring myself further, with most of the strength I have left, I bring the sharp edge down and stab her in the neck. Her grip on me loosens and I break the surface, gasping for air.

Blood is flowing from the wound I inflicted, turning the water pink. With my remaining strength, I pull what I can now see is a small dagger out of the woman’s neck and stab her right in the throat. She falls face first into the pink liquid as I lean over the side of the tub slightly to keep myself from sliding down into the water and drowning.

I have no idea how long it will take for the effects of the powder she dusted me with to wear off. Panic rises as I realize I have no way to contact anyone for help. I couldn’t even if I wanted to because I’m paralyzed at this point. To top it all off, I’m losing consciousness. As things are fading to darkness, a pair of black boots enter my diminishing line of sight.


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