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Privacy Policy

Information you enter on this website for newsletter subscriptions or website comments will be collected and stored, such as your name and email address.


I, C.L. Schneider claim responsibility for the personal information you entrust to me via this website. Your name and email address are used for subscriptions, marketing campaigns, promotional updates, giveaways, general news, or to enter website comments.  

My website is hosted by Your data may be stored through's databases on a secure sever, behind a firewall.  Your data will never be shared with others. It will never be used for advertising or marketing purposes. It is used strictly to allow me to effectively communicate with you.


Tracking tools, such as cookies, may be used to provide website statistics. Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a site visitor's browser in order to keep track of  their movements or actions on a site.


This privacy policy could be revised or updated at any time, so please review it frequently.  You may email me to have your data corrected and/or deleted, to unsubscribe from further newsletters and suspend communications, or to report any issues regarding this website and your personal information.

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