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The Indie Author Book

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The Indie Author is a book about indie authors, for indie authors. It features 50 writers from around the globe, each sharing their different writing and self-publishing journeys. And I'm proud to be one of the 50! 

Click below to learn more and purchase.

*On sale at a special New Release Price! Grab The Indie Author for ONLY .99 until 11/30.

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Dark Fantasy & Horror on Kindle Unlimited 

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All books are discounted OR FREE with Kindle Unlimited

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FREE to download. No Kindle Unlimited subscription required!

Check out these giveaways from multiple authors in various genres, where you can win free books, swag, and gift cards. Click, scroll, and enter!
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Want a sneak peek at Smoke & Mirrors on Audible?

How about the entire prologue?!? 

Haven't read/listened to the first two books? No worries The prologue to book 3 is relatively spoiler free. 

Want to catch up on the series? You can find all 3 books on the Nite fire Series page on Audible!

Interview with The Call to Action Podcast


Want to listen to me ramble on about books & writing? Learn more about me and my work with my latest interview! Click below to listen to my Fireside Chat with Shawntay, host of The Call to Action Podcast. 

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