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A Crown of Stones Origin Story


15 years before he changed the world...

Born of the Shinree, an enslaved fallen race, Ian Troy is magically bound to protect the kingdom of Rella. Since childhood, he trained to be their champion in a seemingly never-ending war. Called to the battlefield a brash young man of seventeen, Troy is anxious to show off his prowess with both magic and blade. He believes his role is vital to the realms of Mirra’kelan finally knowing peace.

Only, war is nothing like he thought.

After a year of being mistrusted and shunned for the blood in his veins—his magic restrained by an authoritarian queen—Troy has grudgingly learned his place. He follows orders and suffers their abuse in silence because the cost of insolence is a chain around his neck.

When Queen Aylagar handpicks him for a mission deep inside enemy territory, he thinks his time has come. Fate willing, he will prove to them all: Ian Troy is more than the “witch” they believe.

*Troy is a prequel to Magic-Price the award-winning 1st book in The Crown of Stones Trilogy.

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