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COS Trilogy Digital Box Set


All he wanted was to end the war. Fate had other plans.

This box set doesn’t just contain The Crown of Stones Trilogy. It holds an adventure that transports you to a shattered land in need of rescue, an immersive reading experience that drops you into the mind of exiled soldier Ian Troy: a man born with an addiction to magic, living in a world where magic is reviled, and its users are enslaved.

Feel this dark, epic saga come to life as you journey across the war-torn realms of Mirra’kelan and meet its ever-evolving cast of characters all struggling to survive and find their own path to peace. You’ll cross realms devastated and divided by years of conflict, molded by secrets and lies, and governed by prejudice and fear. Learn their tangled history. Unearth the lore. Discover the true origins—and the danger—of the ancient Shinree’s powerful magic.

Travel with Ian as he returns to the past to save the future, crossing time to solve the mystery of The Crown of Stones, his true connection to the artifact, and the role it played in shaping all their lives.

Included in this Box Set:

Magic-Price (Book 1)

Magic-Scars (Book 2)

Magic-Borne (Book 3)

A Sneak Peek at The Wandering Isles (Soulbound Journeys Book 1)

Pre-Order Now for $2.99
Box Set Releases on 8/20

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