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Indie Book Spotlight: Waiting for Death to Come, And Other dark Poems. By: Leigh Haddington


The world is trying to fight a pandemic.

Countries forced into lockdowns.

Watching loved ones die behind small tablet screens.

Isolation for over a year.

Financial and mental meltdowns.

Messages of hate from an ignorant nation.

Just when you think you are about to regain normality, your phone pings to tell you to isolate yourself again.

Poems created from a decade where paranoia, insecurity, loneliness, infection and hatred have become an everyday reality.



Today I see I am invisible, lost in the corner of your vision. Unrecognisable, unremarkable, forgettable, missing. I have known this for some time, watched my essence fade. Translucent in the crowd, I am no one, I will disappear in the haze.

About The Author

The author of Waiting for Death to Come, Leigh Haddington, can be found lurking around Leeds, England. Husband and a father of two, most of his time is taken up with his full-time job and growing veg (not this has anything to do with his writing).

Raised on a diet of video nasties in the very early eighties, a teenage life of metal and horror films, with the drippings of horror books from King and Herbert, Leigh developed a twisted world that wouldn’t look lost on an Alice Cooper album.

Purchase and Connect

Click HERE for the author's website and links to his other works.

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