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Indie Book Spotlight: Mirror of Fate, by Emmy R. Bennett


Demons walk the lands, searching for the next soul to devour. For years, light witches have fought to protect the innocence of mythical creatures, but the magical elements are out of balance, and benevolent covens are becoming extinct.

Maura finds a mentor in Sage, a light witch from House of Ashburn, who can help reinforce Maura’s light magic and hold back the darkness plaguing the kingdoms. Together, the two must uncover a spell to stop the dark forces before the blood moon rises in three days. Can Maura and Sage uncover the spell in time before the light is extinguished forever?



Amazed at the mystical ball of green light that grows in my right palm, I begin to feel its magic flow through my fingers and up my arms. The sensation prickles my skin, sending goosebumps over the surface. Thoughts, not my own, call softly in my mind, telling me to focus.

Standing by the river in the midafternoon summer air, I concentrate on drowning out the rush of water and the chirps of birds, hanging out in the treetops. A breeze whispers across my face, and I feel the strands of my dark hair tickle my nose and cheek, but I don’t allow it to distract me. I keep my eyes closed, focused on nature’s language.

I admit, I didn’t think it would work. “It’s never felt this powerful before.”

“Shh, no speaking,” my mentor, Sage, says. She stands in front of me, and I feel her cup my hands into hers. “Now, hold it there and focus all your energies into the sphere. Then when you’re ready, picture what you wish to see.”

Sage is a light witch and the leader of the Ashburn coven. The same coven my mother, Sonjah, belonged to before they exiled her from the circle after my father died.

I wish for the universe to show me an image in my head—a destination anywhere but here. There are rumors that Storm Castle protects people like me. Maybe that’s where I’ll go. I haven’t a clue of the way, so I ask the spell to lead me in that direction. Like a roadmap, lines begin to appear, then the colors form, as though someone is creating a painting in my head. Soon trees develop, followed by smaller details such as flowers, rocks, and grass. Then in the distance, a silhouette of buildings reveals itself, but these structures are different than any I’ve seen. “This isn’t what I imagined in my mind at all. Something must be wrong.”


About the Author

Emmy R. Bennett lives in Northern California with her husband, two children and their dog. She also has two adult children living out of state.

When she isn’t at her desk writing, she’s spending time with her family, gardening, crafting, or reading.

Emmy grew up in a Lutheran household. Although she’s strong in her faith, she believes everyone has the right of free will, in their beliefs.

She loves to study genealogy and her family line has been traced back to the Vikings. It’s one of the many inspirations from which she’s drawn to write.


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