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  • Jessica Ozment

Indie Book Spotlight: Rift

November 28th, 2025 Theoretical physicist Dr. Victor Pines has discovered a RIFT between Earth and another world. As he travels through Valspritz, he discovers an unimaginable planet teeming with curious creatures, both harmless and malevolent. During his unpredictable journey, Victor encounters a beautiful being named Zaia. After a life-or-death struggle, the odd pair embark through Valspritz's treacherous sacred lands to seek asylum with her people, Little does the scientist know, the luminescent world isn’t as enchanting as he first thought. Ravenous cannibals have taken over the Catacombs Of The Dead, the sacred resting place of Zaia’s ancestors. Can Victor's auspicious nature carry him safely through the dangers he will face along his journey, or will it push him further down the rabbit hole of unanswered questions and madness?

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