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  • C.L. Schneider

Review: Portraits of Dread, by Michael J. Elliott

Such a dark and delightful collection of horror! As a fan of the genre, this anthology was a joy to read. I love the author’s imagination. The way he weaves each story is brilliant. You know the cringe-worthy moments are coming, but they get you every time. I tried to pick a favorite. Mother Called Today really got me. As did Reconstructing Teddy. But I honestly found each one as creepy and engaging as the last. The writing is excellent and full of twists that keep you guessing. The author has a knack for turning seemingly everyday situations deliciously eerie. The stories move at a brisk pace, but never so much that you miss the subtleties. I highly recommend Portraits of Dread to anyone who enjoys macabre horror. Seriously, don’t pass this one up!

Check it out:

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