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  • C. L Schneider

Book Review: Breadcrumb Trail (The Yellow Hoods, Book 2), by Adam Dreece

What a great read! I thoroughly enjoyed book 1 of The Yellow Hoods, but book 2 is even better. The author has intensified every aspect of this captivating series, taking it down a darker tension-filled path whose conclusion leaves the lives of more than one character irrevocably changed. There is plenty of action and intrigue as Tee, Elly, Richy and the gang, grow and mature, dealing with a greater sense of danger and tragedy than ever before. Yet, despite the threatening situations the characters find themselves in, the storyline is often humorous and whimsical, and on a purely creative level, is a joy to read.

As in book 1, Dreece continues to take the familiar fairy tales we all know and love and twist them in exciting and original directions that are not only impressive, but addicting. The same fun and charm permeates throughout, as does the recurring theme of family, friendship, and loyalty. More endearing characters are introduced and we gain insight into both The Tub and The Fare. The thickening plot leaves you curious as to where it’s going next.

The Yellow Hoods is a series I would recommend to younger readers (middle school and up). Yet, I love how it doesn’t stay stagnant, but instead grows with its readers as (in this sequel) the plot definitely becomes more elaborate and takes a more sinister turn; allowing the series to be enjoyed by all ages.

If you love steampunk, fairy tales, action, and spunky YA main characters, this is definitely the series for you!

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