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  • C. L. Schneider

Book Review: 4* Demons & Angels (Walking Between Worlds Book 1) J. K. Norry

Being a huge fan of the TV show Supernatural, I was immediately drawn to the premise of Walking Between Worlds, a story of angels and demons, heaven and hell, and those that walk between. Book 1, Demons & Angels, revolves around the journey of Paul Stone, a man who discovers he has the ability to see and kill demons, and Mason, a man plagued by one.

This story is not your typical angel and demon plot. It has an intriguing, creative twist that definitely keeps things interesting. I especially liked how the author didn’t portray all angels as inherently good and all demons as utterly evil. With the author’s descriptive style, each scene is painted in such detail that you have no trouble seeing it unfold in your mind. There were some unexpected twists and the action is done well, providing a nice balance to the drama as Paul must adjust to his new life. I enjoyed Paul’s character and that of his guide, Chris. Far less, the sections told through the POV of Mason. For me, the long detailed descriptions of his band and his relationship with Sarah were difficult to get through. I enjoyed them at first. Then I began to feel like they interrupted the flow and didn’t really need to be there. The story, told from Paul’s POV, was solid and interesting, and more than strong enough to stand on its own without the slow-down effect of the interludes into Mason’s life. That being said, the writing itself was stellar. There were some lines I went back and read again just because they were that good.

The tension revolving around Paul and his new job as a walker built well throughout, but it really ratcheted up in the last quarter of the book. As the stakes increased, so did the pace, complimenting each other all the way to an unexpected (whoa-did-that-just-happen?!?) cliffhanger of an ending. It left me more than curious to see where this inventive supernatural series goes to next!

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