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Review: The Exiled, by Scott Borgman

The Exiled is an imaginative and intelligent tale of good and evil, angels and humans, heaven and hell. It tells the story of David, a human who finds himself caught up in a life-altering battle where the fate of not just Earth and humanity are at stake, but other planes of existence. David is a non-believer who is forced to accept the impossible when it stands in front of him. As he runs for his life, and learns the world is wider than he ever imagined, he must also come to grips with being the key to its continued existence.

The first in a trilogy, The Exiled has a lot going on. The author established a story which will clearly play out in more depth throughout the trilogy. He unveils David’s character nicely, making him at once believable and likeable. He’s an easy character to root for and identify with. I like watching David evolve as his life moves farther and farther away from normal with each page. The author’s explanation for heaven and hell, and those that reside there, creatively weaves Greek mythology into the mix. It was simplistic in nature (which is what makes it work so well), yet thoughtful and inspirational. To fully embrace his mythos would require the story to take on a broader view that included other systems of belief and other deities as well, but for the purpose of this story, it works well as is.

The plot played out at a nice pace. There was plenty of action, a little romance, and some slower, well-placed, character-defining moments. The tension built steadily toward an exciting end, and I enjoyed David’s dilemma and how it linked back to an earlier scene—nicely done. There was a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming. In fact, there were two. Both of which could have used a bit more explanation to add depth to the scenes. There were other areas as well, places where I really liked where the author was going and wanted to see him take it a step farther. But this could be more of a personal preference, as the plot was fully realized and not lacking by any means.

Overall, I really liked this book. The messages contained within the story will likely resonate with many. The author’s writing style makes it easy to slip into the world(s) he’s created. He touches on some emotional and thought provoking subjects, without being the least bit preachy. Instead, he spins a heartfelt, entertaining, and inspirational tale of hope and faith. He dares us to believe—in ourselves, in humanity, and in something larger. With all that’s going on in the world today, I think that’s something we all need.

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