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Review: Saint Monolith, by Tom Reinhart

On the surface, this is the story of a vigilante; of a jaded, world weary cop unable to ignore the evil on the streets, or the demons in his head. But in the skillful hands of the author, Tom Reinhart, it becomes so much more. He has masterfully created a complex character in Mason Stone, such that he doesn’t simply let us read about Mason’s turmoil and suffering, he makes us feel it. And it hurts. You’re there every step of the way as he walks the line between right and wrong. When he crosses this line, and you know he’s spiraling downward, you find yourself fearing what he’s becoming. You fear for him just as strongly.

This book really got to me in such a way that I had trouble putting it down. The rest of the characters are all equally well developed. There was a gritty, brutal reality to the plot. The atmosphere is tense, and even when the action slows down, the pressure doesn’t. The window into Mason’s mind, the glimpses into his past, his views of the world, run you through a gambit of emotions. Reinhart so expertly describes both sides of the coin; you're left to make your own decision: is Mason Stone a cop, criminal, demon, or a saint?

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