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Review: Hellbounce (The Arc Chronicles Part 1), by Matthew W. Harrill

Hellbounce (the ARC Chronicles Book 1) is a thrill-ride of an adventure. It takes you across the globe in a race against time effort to stop the end of the world. Intriguing from the first page, where we meet Madden (the handsome criminal you can’t help but like), I was completely hooked by chapter 2 with the introduction of Dr. Eva Ross. From there, the dominos start falling and they don’t stop. The chilling tour through the hospital for the criminally insane where Eva works, leads into an even more disturbing confrontation at her home. One dark, unnerving event carries into the next, giving Eva and Madden, and the reader, barely time to catch their breath.

Heaven & hell, angels & demons, car chases and tentacles—yes, I said tentacles—were depicted so well. I could fully visualize every chilling scene. The author has clearly done his research on biblical end times and I loved his take on demons. The scares and gore were wonderfully done. They were intense at times, but never once over the top or gratuitous. As Eva unravels the unnerving plot, you’re frightened right along with her.

Hellbounce was a real treat. I look forward to reading more from this talented author.

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