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Review: Travel Glasses (The Call to Search Everywhen Bk#1) by Chess Desalls

Travel Glasses (The Call to Search Everywhen, Book #1) is a fun YA read. The story centers on Calla Winston, a young girl who, after some unfortunate experiences, has become disenchanted with life (real and cyber). She’s disconnected herself from friends and family and all things social. Then Valcas appears seemingly out of nowhere. A handsome, mysterious stranger with a pair of dark glasses able to whisk you away to anywhere and anytime, Valcas turns Calla’s isolated life upside down.

I enjoyed the creativity of this story and the author’s take on time travel. Her delightful use of imagery puts you in the scene, taking you along for the ride on Calla’s adventures. It was well written, the characters were defined, and the concept was intriguing-which is exactly why I wished the author had gone deeper. There were areas glossed over that, with greater exploration, would have served to draw me in more. There were story elements as well that could have used a bit more explanation. I also had trouble understanding Calla. Without going too far into SPOILER territory, I found Calla too nonchalant with her situation. After what she’d gone through, and her self-abandonment of friends and family, I didn’t understand why she was ‘going with the flow’, especially with Valcas. She eagerly, or perhaps a better word is blindly, accepted him and the circumstances that she found herself in because of him. I felt she did the same with Edgar, and others, putting herself in their hands with very little questions asked. It didn’t seem the way someone who had been so previously burned by trusting people, would behave.

Overall, I enjoyed the read and would definitely recommend it. Travel Glasses held my attention with plenty of action, mystery, and romance. Love the cover, too! The author spun an imaginative and charming tale with an ending that leaves you more than a little curious about what’s to come for Calla in book #2.

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