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Review: Tommy Avenger and the House of Bones, by Stefan Mroczkowski

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I don’t read a lot of YA stories, but this book may change that. Tommy Avenger & the House of Bones was pure, straight-up fun. It follows the story of a teenage boy who is about to toil away his summer (working at the worst job ever), to help his mom pay the bills. He dreads spending his entire vacation enduring long shifts with impossible customers and equally impossible co-workers. Then Tommy discovers magic is real, and his mundane existence is turned upside down. He’s thrust into a wondrous world teeming warlocks and assassins, potions and portals, where he’s asked the most important question of his life: Do you want to be a wizard?

Tommy Avenger has a solid plot that takes you back and forth between the reality of Tommy’s ordinary life and the fantastical one he finds himself drawn into. It flows at a nice, quick pace. Many times I found myself compelled to continue reading to see what Tommy would face next. The action scenes were intense and plentiful, and Tommy’s daring adventures are balanced with just the right amount of teen angst. I found the well-defined characters delightful and bursting with personality. Even the villains had their own dark charisma. The fantasy world the author created was believable, full of vivid imagery, and populated with interesting creatures and a well devised magic system.

Tommy Avenger is a captivating story packed with magic and adventure. It’s a refreshing, entertaining read set in a world full of mystery and potential. I’m looking forward to seeing where Tommy’s bravery and his magic will take him next.

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