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We're Not in Kansas Anymore

So, this is my first blog. I've had a lot of 'firsts' lately; my first tweet, my first follower, my first request for a signing-my first sale. Publishing my first novel (yep, there's another one) has been as rewarding and exciting as I'd always hoped it would be. But it's also been humbling. The entire experience has reminded me that, hard work and persistence aside, the stars saw fit to align themselves for me. It's shown me how fortunate I am to have so many good people in my corner. It's a corner that's more crowded than I ever realized, and I'm grateful.

The holidays are past us now. It's the start of a new year. We've made our resolutions and to-do lists for all that we hope to accomplish. Since blogging is on the top of my list, for the last few days, I've been wondering what I should blog about.

My writing process and inspirations seemed like a natural place to start. I thought I could talk about my characters, or what kind of progress I'm making on the next chapter in Ian Troy's life. I could even divulge some non-plot-spoiling information or dialogue from book 2.

By today, I've decided that all those things can wait. What's the rush? I'm just getting started on this extraordinary, new journey. I want to enjoy every twist and turn. There will be other blogs, and other books to blog about. And I'll fill you in on all of it-just as soon as I've stopped squealing over my first review.

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