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New Release Guest Post: Kingdom of Stone

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Lunacia - An ancient nation united by elemental magic. That is, until a new element emerges that sets in motion events that will see it forever changed…

Whilst searching through centuries-old family journals for any mention of the newly discovered element, Queen Isabella stumbles across an age-old prophecy threatening to destroy her entire kingdom. Throughout the ages, it was foretold that an All-Powerful Child is born every generation. A child whose very existence could now place Isabella’s kingdom in great danger. As ruler, Isabella must quickly and quietly dispose of any threats, or face total destruction. Armed only with her courage and her ancestral journals, Isabella must now hold her throne, while her kingdom threatens to come crashing down around her.


The crowd started a countdown – ten…nine…eight… The princess kept her eye keenly on the tower.

Seven…six…five…four… Sweat dripped from her forehead into her eye but she dared not blink – the stinging was becoming unbearable.

Three…two…one… From the cannon, out shot a ball of bright orange fire. It soared across the sky on a slight downward angle towards them. As it started coming closer, Izzy realized that if it didn’t stop soon it was going to hit them.

It’s going to hit us! She thought nervously shifting in her seat getting ready to run. Of course, the fire didn’t bother her, she was a Fire user, but all of these innocent people here from other Elemential kingdoms were now in grave danger.

At the very last moment before impact, the ball of fire burst into a silhouette of two great stallions. All in one motion they let out a mighty neigh and turned away towards the blue fiery ring.

Leaping through the hoops back and forth at the command of their master, the horses broke away and started to circle the arena. Starting from the bottom working their way up in a spiral, they gained tremendous speed. Galloping at full speed they suddenly turned from their circle and made directly for the King.

Izzy looked down towards the master in the ring, hoping that he was in full control of the rogue looking horses. The look on his face was that of stone – so she wondered if he was still in control or not.

Rising from her seat, the Princess pushed the other three people out of the way to get a better view over the balustrade.

Gasping for breath, she raised her hand to send her own wave of flames to ward off the horses before they reached her uncle.

Author Bio

Kathryn Lee is a young adult fantasy author living in Darwin, Australia. She has two young daughters, a military husband, two Border Collies and a cat with out a tail. Kathryn enjoys playing her soprano cornet in a brass band and in the afternoons, she teaches private singing, brass and piano lessons.

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