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Indie Book Spotlight: Mortal Man, And The Realm Surfer (Book 2), by Sabrina Oyinloye

Updated: Oct 1, 2021


Akkadia was the land of milk and honey. But where there’s good…

When soul-eating demons invaded, the peacekeeper did the only thing he could think of. He banged the drum to call for help from ancestral spirits. But, he didn’t know there was another part, where the drum could be used as an instrument of destruction. And thus he summoned centuries bound Fallens, intent on vengeance and an army of their procreation.

This is a story of good vs evil. A story of love, hate and family that will have you turning page after page.


She swam to shore and walked, with hips swaying, to her clothes. She reached for her wrapper and heard the sound of dry wood breaking somewhere in the woods. Her heart lurched in her chest and picked up speed. She quickly tied her wrapper and carried the water pot. Her eyes darted in their sockets as she scanned the woods, shrouded in darkness, silently hoping it was just a bush rat, or a cat. She hurried her steps and headed home. When she was about a meter to the back of the house, she slowed her strides at the scene that played in front of her. Her father was no longer on his lounger, he was tying the same woman he had seen with her that evening to a tree at the centre of the grounds, just a few feet away from the shed. Dry wood was stacked at her feet all around the tree and she noticed that both her father and the woman seemed unusually docile. Her eyes settled on a figure in a blood-red coloured robe to her left. His attention was on her father as well, while he wrapped a red rope around whittled wood in human forms locally called omolangidi.

"Listen to the sound of my voice and follow my commands, Baba Aro Adegunle. I, Ifadare, am your puppeteer and you must obey my commands … " the man's voice echoed in a low, sinister range.

Yeye made to step forward and realised she couldn't move, she tried to shout to call her father's attention but no sound came out. The man spared her a glance, and smiled - the triumphant, evil kind. His eyes were dark and cold like the night. She recognised he was the Ifa priest and it looked like he was about to make his father set the woman on fire!

‘Please, stop!’ She attempted to call out, but the words only sounded in her head. Another man came into her view and she saw that it was the king. He wore a white agbada with a matching abeti aja hat - a hat shaped like a paper boat.

"If I were to allow all manners of witches to do as they pleased in this kingdom, it would be difficult to reign supreme and command respect and fear in my subjects. It is already tedious making the chieves take me seriously as a result of my age."

‘I'm not a witch!’ she screamed in her head.

"Your mother's death obviously didn't create the expected impact. The old witch, like you, disobeyed me. If she couldn't have her way, what made you think you would?"

"Please, I'm not a witch!" she screamed again and this time she heard herself shriek.

"No, you are not. But who do you think the villagers would believe, you or their king?" Obalola said with an evil smirk. He stepped close to her and retrieved the pot from her clutches. He held her gaze and gently untied the fabric around her chest, leaving her bosom bare. He lowered his hungry gaze at her chest and whispered, "I saw you earlier in the river and I thought you would make a good addition to my harem. I bet you thought you could escape me." He laughed aloud and jerked her wrapper off her waist. Tears welled up and streamed down Yeye’s face. She couldn't move, she couldn't fight, she found she lacked the will power to even try as he lowered her onto her wrapper and settled in between her legs. She heard the loud wail of the woman as the grounds lit up with flames, the smell of burning flesh filled her nostrils and the smoke mingled with the air.

The king possessed her - a fathom spirit that invoked an overwhelming pleasure that jerked her entire frame and made her moan loudly to the moon. When Yeye opened her eyes, she was on her mat in her room. She jerked up, still feeling the lingering sensation of the aftermath of sex. She felt a certain stickiness in between her legs and she touched herself there. When she raised her hand, she saw blood stains on her finger tips. Her hands shook as she widened her legs and lowered her eyes in between her legs. She saw dried blood stains on her skin and she trembled visibly. The memory assailed her and she rushed out of the room to the back of the house, but there was nothing there but the usual scenery of the shed. She swallowed hard and walked gingerly to the door of her father's room. She lifted the straw mat that shielded the doorway and peered in. She saw her father sleeping peacefully on the elevated bed covered with a mat and thick hand-woven fabric. She covered her mouth to keep from crying out loud with relief. She returned to the backyard silently, noting everything was in place. She saw the pot she had taken to fetch water from the stream the previous day was right beside the Amu. She went to it and opened the lid. She discovered the pot was filled to the brim. She turned her head and scanned the grounds in the early morning lights, if not for the fact that there was a tell-tale sign that she had been deflowered, she would have thought it was a terrible nightmare - a horrific nightmare that left an aching need in between her legs.

Meet the Author

Sabrina Oyinloye is a Multipotentialite. She Engages In Ranges Of Activities Which Includes: Brand Management, Content Development, Fictional Writing, And Fashion Designing. The Charismatic Beauty Started Her Life As A Commercial Model For Magazines And Consumer Goods Companies. She Obtained Her Ordinary National Diploma in Mass Communication From The Polytechnic Ibadan and Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Lagos.

She Is The Founder & Executive Director of Lioncubs Dream World; a Business Venture That Comprises of Lioncubs Romance And Lioncubs Apparel.

She is a multi-genre author of twelve books, When The Hearts Bind, A promise Renewed, A Piece Of You, To Tame The Amber-eyed Feline, Unyielding Flame, Prince Omotade Rules Of Engagement & Prejudice, The Hidden Scar: Tokophobia, Rein In Destiny.

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Unknown member
Oct 01, 2021

Fabulous excerpt! Sabrina is an amazing member of the writing community, and I admire her ability to write in a variety of genres!

C. L. Schneider
C. L. Schneider
Oct 01, 2021
Replying to

Yes, she is. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post!

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