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  • C.L. Schneider

Review: Hyperearth, by Marco Marek

Hyperearth is a whimsical YA fantasy perfect for enjoying with young children. Scooped up with Mary and Martina, the story swiftly takes you through a portal to a world rife with imaginative creatures and fantastical settings. There is no shortage of strange happenings, magic, and adventure as the girls embark on a quest to save Bosk from the machinations of an evil wizard. With the help of new friends, they strive to bring peace to the land. This creative, quaint tale begs to be read aloud while you’re snuggled in bed with your children. The writing does suffer from some language issues (English is not the author’s first language), and the flow was a bit jumpy at times, especially in the beginning. I would have liked more background on the characters and the portal. But it was easy to let that go when you visualize the story through young eyes. The main characters are not the typical strong heroines you see in many stories today, but rather young, innocent, and flighty. Mary and Martina aren’t fighters, and they don’t pretend to be. But that’s okay. Not every character needs to be a superhero or know how to kick butt to save the day. Regular people, like Mary and Martina, can rise to the occasion, solve quests, and have amazing adventures, too. Not every story needs to be complex, either, full of hidden meanings and views on real-world societal issues. Some, like Hyperearth, are just sweet and entertaining. I would recommend this book if you’re looking for a light, charming, imaginative tale to enjoy with the whole family.

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