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Hello 2016!

My apologies for being absent the last few weeks on social media. I took a bit of a break for the holidays. I can't believe it will be 2016 in a few hours! I met some amazing people in 2015. I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your friendship, support, encouragement, and faith over the last year. It means so much to me. I'm wishing great things for all of you in the coming year.

A couple of hours ago I uploaded Magic-Borne (Crown of Stones 3) to CreateSpace. Once I receive the interior file, I'll give it one last look, then it's off to the races! I'm looking at an early to mid February release date. I'll keep you posted. I know some of you have been waiting a while for this one. Thank you for your patience. I am so excited to get it out there. Writing and publishing Crown of Stones has been a long, wonderful journey. I hope you find book 3 worth the wait!

My husband and I are taking a much needed vacation next week. It's a first for us. We'll be leaving the kids in Grandma's hands for a full week! I suppose you can call it a second honeymoon, as we will be returning to where we took our original honeymoon: Hawaii! Since I there's no possible way I can go a week without Twitter, I will most defintely be tweeting from the beach. I'm bringing some reading material from some of my indie author friends, as well as a couple of notebooks. Hopefully I will get some work in on my new WIP! After we get back, I'll be revealing the cover of Magic-Borne. My original cover reveal date was December 18th. Obviously, that has come and gone. Circumstances forced my wonderful artist to delay his work, but he's back on track and I love how it looks so far! More details on the cover reveal will be coming soon.

2015 was a wonderfully crazy year. I'm so glad to have shared it with all of you. Happy New Year! Here's to a kick-ass 2016! Cheers!

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