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Review: Along Came A Wolf, by Adam Dreece

Along Came A Wolf is delightful YA adventure that pays unique tribute to some classic fairy tales—with a clever steampunk twist. It tells the story of Tee, a spirited teen who, along with her friends Elly and Richy, attempt to stop antagonist Andrea Leloup from stealing the inventions of Tee’s grandfather, Nikolas.

Despite the threat of danger to Tee and her friends, the book had a light, positive feel. A strong sense of family could be felt throughout the book, as shown in Tee’s happy, healthy relationship with her parents and grandfather. Tee, as a protagonist, is loyal, brave, happy, energetic and enthusiastic. While this lends itself to a nice, upbeat mood (which, personally, I think is important for a YA, as is a strong female character), I did find myself wanting a bit more depth from her and several other characters. As this is the first in a series, I have no doubt the author will show us other sides of their personalities in subsequent novels. The plot is entertaining and doesn’t slow down, but I hope for some more complexities to emerge as there is so much potential for the world he’s created. The ending alludes to a possible darker turn for the next book, and I’m anxious to see where the plot goes and what trouble Tee and her friends find themselves in next.

Mr. Dreece has created a well-written, inventive, and charming tale full of action, heartwarming friendship, cool gadgets, and even a secret society. Along Came a Wolf is a fun read for all ages, and a modern fairy tale in its own right. Great work!

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