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Review: Judgment, by Tom Reinhart


Looking for a gritty, no-holds-barred, apocalyptic story? You’ve come to the right place. Judgment by Tom Reinhart is a powerful, unflinching thriller that gives you a ring-side seat to the end of the world.

The day starts as any other workday for Adam, the protagonist. Suddenly, angels are falling from the sky outside his office building. Then, you’re swept along in the chaos with Adam and his group of survivors as they struggle to escape their own seemingly inevitable judgment. The authentic feel to their ordeal was at times chilling, at others poignant. You can’t help putting yourself in their place and wondering: how would I be judged? And how far would I go to escape it?

The writing is solid and brutally honest. The characters are relatable. The swift pace slows down in all the right places just long enough to put your emotions through the ringer. The imagery pulls no punches and becomes more intense as the book progresses. I absolutely loved the ending.

Judgment is a compelling story that snags you from the beginning—exactly what I’ve come to expect from this talented author.

You can purchase Judgment from Amazon and learn more about Tom Reinhart on his website

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