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Indie Book Spotlight: Hurricanes 2007, by Dario Aguilar Peregrina


A long time ago, a meteorite fell in the middle of a hurricane killing several researchers from the National Hurricane Center, swallowing up the entire storm.

While investigating the incident, scientists experimented with the remains of the space rock, discovering that it had the capacity to manipulate the hurricanes or any other natural phenomenon, including the earth's subsurface, being these reasons why the project was titled "Hurricanes 2007".

Subsequently, a highly gifted mercenary called Katrina Fernandez, popularly known in her country as "Hurricane Katrina," heard that there was a reward for stealing the project, but in doing so and being surrounded by police, decided to commit suicide....

10 years later, the Doctor Dominic Carson Phoenix, who was a member of the project, kept a complete sample finding that it had healing powers. After suffering an accident with his wife and daughter, Carson decided to inject the entire substance into his little girl named Darcy Ember Phoenix, who miraculously recovered from all her injuries ...

Meanwhile, in the country known as Mexico, a young navy cadet called Rio Pedroza was fighting every day for a better nation that lately was filled with corruption, violence, unemployment and crime. But when one day she was called to bring help to the Drayson Martle Harbor, things would change...

A story filled with violence, darkness, hope, solidarity and love would begin…



THE ENCOUNTER OF CHANGE After a hurricane that had struck the state of Florida, United States, Pedroza was instructed by her superiors to go along with several soldiers to bring help urgently to that place. On June 12, Rio and more than 100 sailors of the Mexican Navy left in an airplane to the Drayson Martle military base, the place most affected by the hurricane "Wilma", wishing Humberto the best wishes to Pedroza, feeling sentimental his baby was now an adult, wishing that Ana had been there to see the great person her daughter had become. Before leaving the Santa Lucia Terminal near Mexico City, Rio told her father that she would be back in 2 weeks, saying goodbye to him, hugging him tightly. Upon arriving at the base after several hours of flight, Pedroza and the others would be taken to the Drayson Martle University, where most of the refugees were. Along the way, Rio observed there were many corpses on the road, raising her suspicions, deciding her to ask U.S. officials if these deaths were due to the storm or something else. Responding the military to Pedroza that they were investigating the reasons for the death of these people, after forensic analysis showed that they had not died by drowning or electrocution, but as if they had been killed by a person. After hearing this, Rio and the other Mexican marines were concerned, while some U.S. military officers only laughed sarcastically because while the information was true, the soldiers did not believe it to be real, telling the Mexican marines that several survivors had repeatedly told them that women with gray skin and eyes of the same color had done this, being this statement for them, ridiculous. After an hour of driving, the truck transporting Pedroza finally stopped arriving at the shelter, leaving her the car immediately and deciding to call her father to tell him that she was okay. However, some things did not fit with a normal hurricane disaster, so she would try to find out what had happened. Shortly after, Pedroza would begin to support the victims as much as possible, and as in Mexico, her beauty dazzled all the American soldiers, who were surprised to see she was very good at speaking English, an excellent cook, being very strong to carry several injured people and in general being very kind to people....


About the Author

Dario Aguilar Peregrina is a writer born on June 12, 1997, in Iztapalapa, Mexico City, Mexico whose works touch on diverse themes such as action, music, LGBT issues, Latin culture, darkness, etc. One of his works, "The Hurricanes 2007" Saga has been awarded in the United States, Canada and many countries in Latin America.


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