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Guest Post - New Release: Dark Knight

New on paperback and for Kindle

A gripping historical romance story set in India in the 1800s.


Once his nation’s most beloved Prince and famed General, Aaryan Singh Shekhawat now lives in disgrace, accused of treason and murder in a world where honour is everything. Driven by hate, Aaryan thirsts for revenge and retribution from those who wronged him. When he crosses paths with the sweet but feisty Siya Udawat, a princess from an allied house, both of their worlds are thrown into turmoil. A chain of events is set in motion which pits them against numerous foes, some known and others yet to be discovered. As Aaryan and Siya encounter unexpected challenges and unearth secrets from Aaryan’s past that threaten to destroy his future, their journey is changed irrevocably in this story spanning across the grandeur of the Rajputana courts to war-torn lands overrun by enemies.

Dark Knight is a tale of passion and promise following soul mates who find each other in the unlikeliest of circumstances and must discover what their love means to them. The story contains elements of action and suspense which will have readers hooked until the final page

Author Bio

Shruti is a UK citizen of Indian descent who was born and brought up in East Africa. She has always loved to write and Dark Knight is her debut novel, which she originally wrote on-line and shared chapter by chapter. In addition to being a writer, Shruti is a practicing solicitor and a Partner for a major UK law firm. Alongside juggling the demands of her legal career and her writing, Shruti loves travelling, devouring every book she can get her hands on, trying to work out and attempting somehow to fit her social life in!

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