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Guest Post -New Release: The Suffering, a Novella, by Robert Cano

Robert Cano's debut novel is out! With his wonderful imagination he brings to life fabulous characters that you immediately sympathize with. And in a fantastical world, he lets life happen to them. The good, the bad, the heart wrenching, and the uplifting.

“Devani is finally heading home after twelve long years away due to the Great War between the Fae and Satyrs. The war was on the doorstep of her father's kingdom when she was sent away, but finally, it was time to come home. The princess soon finds herself in a position she never expected, especially so close to home - struggling against death itself. Of course, the will to survive is overwhelming, and she finds a way. She may end up regretting this, however, as the gods have other plans for Devani.”

Available in Kindle and Paperback

About the Author

A writer or a storyteller? A poet? An artist who has chosen to paint with words, Robert Cano began a journey some years ago which has finally culminated in him finding himself in a position to see the journey gain momentum. Having spent many years studying the art of the written word, he now seeks to share his worlds and mind with the world. A magus with a staff in the shape of a pen and a sword of paper, he weaves his magical worlds. The world of Arduil awaits you. Amazon author page Facebook Website

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