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  • C. L. Schneider

Book Review: The Warble, by Victoria Simcox

Christina is having a rough time at school. On the last day before her Christmas break, her teacher gives her a gift in a hatbox. That night, when Christina awakes to an odd noise, she opens the gift. The strange silver ball inside transports her to a magical world of dwarves, fairies, talking animals, an evil queen, and a young prince intent on saving his land—and Christina’s life is turned upside down.

The Warble is a charming fast-paced fantasy adventure that is perfect for older elementary school children and middle grade. Seeing as the story is far lighter than my usual reads, that’s exactly how I imaged it; through the eyes of my newly-turned ten year old. Keeping him in mind, I journeyed with Christina through this magical, whimsical (with just enough hint of dark), delightful land. I met courageous characters like Werrien , Roage, and Clover, those you love to hate like Ramon and the Queen, and conflicted characters like Ugan the dwarf. Ugan was one of my favorites as he struggled with his own cowardice, making you to wonder if he will ever regain his sense of right and wrong. Or will he remain loyal to the Queen who has turned this beautiful peaceful land into something as ugly as herself?

The plot, while having a few twists, is entertaining but not complex, which makes it ideal for younger readers. It’s a classic quest story of good versus evil, well-written with hope and charm that moves along at a zipping speed that kept me turning the pages. There is plenty of action, magic, moral dilemmas, faith, heroism, self-sacrifice, and friendship.

The Warble is a sweet breath of fresh air. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fairytales or is looking to inspire a young reader with a heartwarming and positive fantasy story.

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