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Guest Post: Shadow Storm Release

Shadow Storm, a new book by Michael R. Stern, will release on Thursday, May 19. The third book of the Quantum Touch series, Shadow Storm continues the adventures of Fritz Russell, a New Jersey history teacher who has discovered that time travel is real.

In book one, Storm Portal, Fritz discovered that his classroom door opened a portal in time and space, and he met Robert E. Lee in 1965 and the President of the United States in current times. In book two, Sand Storm, the president asks Fritz to help prevent a nuclear war in the Middle East, and to save an Israeli settlement attacked by the Eledorians. Except the Eledorians deny involvement.

In Shadow Storm, Fritz rescues the president from terrorists, visits with William Shakespeare, and becomes the target of a hidden enemy ready to use violence to destroy the portal and upend world affairs.

Shadow Storm is available at Amazon and currently is on pre-order for Kindle.

Storm Portal and Sand Storm are on sale on Kindle for $0.99 until 5/19.

All books are also available in paperback at

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