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Book Release Guest Post: London Calling, by Rocky Rochford

In August, Navy Captain John Herman Lewis was brought out of retirement to star in an all new adventure, LONDON CALLING, taking place weeks before the opening events of PHOENIX RISES. He’s a simple man, he likes his rum, he likes listening to rock and he just wants a simple life, but when you work in Naval Intelligence and keep crossing paths with MI6 and various other Intelligence outfits, well a simple life just isn’t on the cards.

Not when the United Kingdom, his home nation, is under attack. The Prime Minister is kidnapped, the Deputy PM murdered and the epitome of Intelligence, is descending into chaos. With moles leaking state secrets, M16--and the country—are being destroyed from within. All the tinder needs now is a match—and London will surely burn.


I knew I wanted to read this book as soon as I read the blurb. The premise is absolutely brilliant. With the British Prime Minister kidnapped and the Deputy Prime Minister murdered by terrorists the book starts off with a bang. Well actually, it doesn’t. Instead the beginning is intriguing and I found myself wondering what was going on. Little by little the plot begins to reveal itself. And the introduction of Navy Captain John Lewis is just the fire needed to keep me burning. A sexy and self-confident James Bond type, Lewis has more invested in the pursuit of the mysterious “Collective” than what is first revealed. As the layers of the story are peeled away a softer and kinder John Lewis is shown. The ability to give a real tough guy a tender side is not an easy feat. Rochford does it with class. The dialogue between Lewis and the love of his life is awkward at times but he is so disarming you have to overlook it. Some of the fight scenes seem a bit over the top but this is an action book after all. Since the author is British some of the dialogue may be difficult for us Yanks, but you can figure it out. My biggest issue is being left hanging at the end of the book. I am panting to find out what happens next. There are many questions left unanswered. I give the book a 4 instead of a 5 due to some typos and repeated words. These in no way detract from what is a roller coaster ride of action and intrigue. Mr. Rochford, hurry up with the sequel!


“Well. first up you're going to sit down, so take a seat and make yourself comfortable!”

Brody was reluctant to move, Lewis did what he felt he must. He waved the gun rather violently and fired off a warning shot, striking the floor close to where the Deputy Minister stood.


“Now!” Lewis snapped.

This time Brody was quick to oblige. “Now what?”

“Well, Brody,” Lewis said, his gun held firmly and pointed directly at Brody's chest, “Given the armoured escort I had on the ride in and the intended interrogation you had planned, I can only assume that I stand accused of treasonous crimes and as such, in the eyes of MI6, until proven otherwise, I am now an Enemy of the Crown?”

“Well now...” Lewis stopped, just so he could pop the safety back on his gun, eject the clip and empty the bullet in the chamber by pulling the slide back. “...first you and I are going to prove my innocence and then I am going to tell you what is really going on.”

“You assume correctly. So?” Brody growled, annoyed.

London Calling is available on Amazon for Kindle & paperback.

And while I finish putting the final touches to my official book trailer, feel free to watch the trailer of the Lewis Prelude:

You can also find me on a whole range of social media sites, so always feel free to get in touch: Facebook:

Twitter: @RockyRochford

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