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Review: The Dead Lands, by Dylan J. Morgan

I’m a sucker for a story that doesn’t hold back. The Dead Lands not only takes you to the edge, you can feel that edge crumbling beneath your feet—and you love it!

This vivid, action packed tale follows Lane, a more than capable bounty hunter on the planet Erebus. A former soldier, Lane lost everything (including his girl) after being blamed for a terrible tragedy. When he’s pulled back into the army for an assignment that takes him off world to the apocalyptic planet Hemera, the phrase ‘all hell breaks loose’ comes quickly to mind. And it doesn’t stop breaking loose until the very last page.

100 years has passed since Hemera was devastated by war and Morgan paints the picture of this ravaged world with such carefully detailed brushstrokes that you feel the desolation and death almost as if it’s another character. Even when describing the hideous, of which there is plenty, the prose was beautiful. The storyline was absorbing. The writing was at times gritty, poignant, and brutal, but it always flowed, moving the plot forward to a nail-biting conclusion. I enjoyed every character, even the ones I was hoping would fall prey to Hemera’s many dangers.

The Dead Lands is a gut-wrenching roller coaster of a book. I’m looking forward to reading more from this talented author.

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