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  • C.L. Schneider

Review: Mathematics of Eternity, by David M. Kelly

Being at the wrong place-wrong time leaves taxi-driver, Joe Ballen, at the center of a dangerous conspiracy. To prove his innocence, and catch a killer, he must turn detective and unravel the mystery in this action-packed dystopian scifi. Having read the author’s short stories before, I expected an intriguing, intelligent read. Mathematics of Eternity did not disappoint. It was clever and suspenseful, with plenty of action and interesting characters. Mostly, though, it was a hell of a lot of fun.

I’m a sucker for a good conspiracy, and I love flawed characters. This author knows how to deliver both. You can’t help but root for Joe Ballen. I really enjoyed unraveling the clues and playing detective with him. The bleak setting was well done, and I liked that it wasn’t heavy sci-fi where I needed a degree to follow along. With the author’s descriptive style, it played out like an action movie in my mind. For some reason, I kept picturing Hugh Jackman in the lead role, sort of like his character in Real Steel. The down on his luck ‘everyman’ who falls into one bad situation after the other, fighting against the odds as he dolls out witty lines that occasionally made me laugh out loud. The plot was smart and far from predictable. It kept me guessing and coming back, turning the pages.

Mathematics of Eternity is a great read. I was thoroughly entertained and would recommend it to any fans of dystopian scifi.

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