The Restless Land




Once a single landmass ruled by the ancient Shinree Empire, Mirra'kelan is a land long-divided by war, prejudice, and fear. Five hundred years ago it was struck by a catastrophic quake, and the terrain was forever changed. The Empire was toppled, creating a shift of power and burying the Shinree's history, culture, and their secrets deep beneath the ground. The Shinree survivors, made vulnerable by their inborn addiction to magic, were drugged and enslaved.


The Langorians, once displaced by the Rellans and dominated by the Shinree, were free to claim the mountainous region of the west. They adapted to its harsh environment and evolved into brutal conquerors. Their relentless attempt to own the land of Rella continues to this day, as does Mirra'kelan's callous oppression of the Shinree.   







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